HMS GIDA MAKİNE was founded in 1990 in Konya/Akşehir. We have succeed in being a leading company in manufacturing of food machinery and equipment industry in a short time. We offer the best services by taking advantage of all opportunities of modern world and the cutting-edge technology. We have made major innovations in the field of food machinery such as tahini/sesame oil, halva, sesame, Turkish Delight, wafer, jam, powdered sugar machinery. We have made a great impact on modeling in our sector.

Since 1990, we have become developed company and contributed to our country’s economy with exporting. Our business principles are to provide honest service, quality production and total customer satisfaction. We know what our customer’s needs very well and delivery them on time. We are happy to be most demanded company. We are one of the reliable and respectful company with acquired hard-earned reputation. HMS GIDA MAKİNE has been manufacturing quality food machinery in 2000 m2 covered area, using raw material in accordance with European Standards. With increasing product day by day, We currently export to Sudan, Syria, Bulgaria, Romania, Iran, Tunisia, Yemen and Kosovo.

We believe that development is among the indispensable values and corporate culture holds that understanding. Our staff works in accordance with international standards in the light of these principles.

Our aim is to fully meet customer expectations by manufacturing the highest quality machines and always provide the innovative, reliable service.



Quality is to be aware of what customers expect or want from us and as having superior power of managing, to manufacture the products or services by combining intelligence and skills and evaluate the findings emerged by controlling consistently.

Is the quality necessary?

As a company, are proud to offer our customers the best quality products and services.

What we have made and what we have expected or desired should be accordant with each other. The quality is necessity, if your goal is success-oriented. Because the outcome is constituted by the processes.

Quality is to know what you want! Quality is to acquire it by seeking expectations and desires and to develop the products by determining the target intended population.

As a company, We are proud to offer our customers the best quality and services.

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