Chocolate Machine
Chocolate Machine

Chocolate Machine

• AISI 304 stainless steel boiler body and chassis

• Double-walled mixer boiler

• Circulation pump 304quality stainless steel blades with EPDM

• Mixer boiler with forced ventilation

• 60-62 HRC hardness of the inside internal mixing arms

• 50-55 HRC hardness of the marbles

• Three different sizes of mixed marble-filled boiler (6.35 mm - 9.00 mm - 11.112 mm)

• 3 kW three-phase 400 V AC

• giving way to the main engine with the motor drive

• mixer drum with a volume of 30 kg

Fuel-Settling tanks are used for storing chocolate in ball mill. Stock tanks have double walls and mixer. The height and diameter of the tank can be varied according to customer request.

• Machine code ST500

• Hooper capacity 500 liter

• Mixer motor power 1.5 kw.

• Resistance 2x3 kw power.

• Chocolate pump 2.2 kw.2"

• Total power 9.7 kW.

Technical data

Temperature control has thermostat. Chocolate with chocolate pump that is connected to the storage tank is transferred into storage of forming machines` group.

Ball mill reduces the chocolate mass between 22 and 26 microns and performs grinding chocolate homogeneously..The chamber is made of double-walled stainless steel. Temperature control has thermostat and the ability to receive automatic cold water. Mixer arm and bars are made of special material and heat-treated.

Chocolate pump and a three-way valve allow transferring them into fuel settling-tanks or recirculation inside of the chamber.

• Machine code RBM350

• hopper capacity 350 liter.

• Main motor power 22 kw.

• Chocolate transferring pump 2.2 kw.2"

• Resistor power is 2 x 3 kW.

• Total power 30.2 kw.

• Complete stainless steel double-walled, resistant container

• HRP material chassis group

• It can be grinded between 22 and 26 microns

• Chocolate transferring pump

• Mixer Motor reductor gear driven arms indirectly

• Ball 600 kg.

• Made of special material and toughened mixer arms and shaft

• Temperature control with thermostat

• Capable of Receiving Automatic cold water

• Duration of completing the product for 1.5 hours.

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