Double Halva Cooker

Double Halva Cooker

Used to boil and mix sugar and saponaria mixture before mixing it with tahini to make halva.

• Heat source can be LPG (propane, butane, their mixture), natural gas, fuel oil, diesel, wood, and any other fuel.

• Default fuel is LPG.

• Industrial type LPG burners are mounted at the bottom of the the tanks.

• Standard Double Halva Cooker and Single Halva Cookers have capacities of 100 kg and 150 kg of mixtures per batch, relatively, at a duration of 45 minutes. These corresponds to 200 kg and 300 kg of halva capacities after mixing with the tahini. Larger size halva cookers can be made upon request.

• 5.5 KW Motor for each saponaria tank. 2.2 KW motor for sugar tank and one fan for each tank with 0.37 KW.

• All food contact surfaces are 304 SS and frames are 304 SS sheet metals covered.

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