Sesame Grinding Mill / Tahini Machine

Sesame Grinding Mill / Tahini Machine

Used to grind the sesame seeds to produce tahini.

• Standard mill has 3 stones and has a capacity of 300 kg/hr. Mill with a capacity from 200 kg/hr to 500 kg/hr can be made.

• Standard mill has one primary stone rotating around the horizontal axis and two finishing stones rotating around the vertical axis.

• All stones are of same diameters; each 18 cm diameter. Upon request, bigger diameter stones can be mounted.

• Speed of all stones are same; 2800 RPM

• Stones are driven by three motors, each 7.5 KW

• Mounted tahini pump, 1.1 KW

• Closed cycle water cooling unit with water pump (0.55 KW) and fan (0.37 KW) to cool the the stones.

• By-pass line around the finishing stones, used when necessary.

• 304 stainless steel.

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